Our Story

Welcome to Lilly & Co. Candle Company, a Dublin-based, passionate family-owned brand on a mission to redefine your home fragrance experience. 

Lilly & Co. Candle Company emerged from the challenge of sourcing robustly scented and vegan Soy Candles, Wax Melts, and Reed Diffusers that elevate your space without costing the earth”. 

We take immense pride in curating exquisite home fragrance products that not only radiate exceptional quality but with the planet in mind, all the while ensuring affordability remains at the heart of what we do.


Every single product is: 

  • Vegan, Cruelty free and All- Natural. 
  • Free from: Petroleum, Lead and Paraffin

    Meet Leanne, the heart behind Lilly & Co. Candle Company. As a mother to Lilly and Toby, Leanne's journey began when her mother's battle with cancer inspired her to create safe, toxin-free candles for her family. What started as a personal mission has organically grown into a successfully conscious brand that reflects a commitment to health and well-being.

    “Our home fragrance range is designed to fill your space with luxury but not cost the earth"


    Why Choose Lilly & Co.?

    • Luxury Ingredients: Immerse yourself in the finest, 100% soy and all natural ingredients, as we redefine the essence of luxury without compromising on products that will fill your space with powerful aromas.
    • Embrace sustainability: by shopping with Lilly & Co. you can trust that the home scent products you bring into your home are clean to breathe and free from harmful toxins. Every product features a list of ingredients, building trust with you that we know what exactly is in your products. 
    Join the revolution and No longer shop scent brands without ingredients listed.
    • Support Irish Small Business: All our products are hand poured in our Dubin Studio and by shopping with us you are not just supporting our family but also our Irish suppliers for packaging, labelling, print, design etc. 
    • Beautifully Gift-Boxed: Elevate the customer experience with our thoughtfully designed, gift-boxed packages, suitable for any occasion.
    • Quality: Experience the cleanest burn, long burn time, and an unparalleled luxury fragrance with Lilly & Co. products—crafted, tested, and perfected in Dublin.

    Discover the Lilly & Co. difference - Indulge in a world where each flame tells a story, and every scent evokes a moment. Illuminate your space with Lilly & Co. Candle Company

     -where luxury meets sustainability.